Treating Epilepsy: Seizure Epilepsy Supplements

Seizure Epilepsy SupplementsEpilepsy is a neurological disorder that is suffered by people of all ages and can cause sudden fits or seizures without any provocation. These fits and seizures are a result of brief changes in the way that the brain functions. Currently, approximately 0.6 percent of the population in Canada suffers from this condition, with just over 15,000 people diagnosed each year and in a large majority of these cases the cause of the epilepsy is known. There remains no “solution” to epilepsy, although there are several treatments that have proven to be effective at reducing the frequency of seizures and also the impact that these seizures have on the individual’s body and their mind. In many cases, natural seizure epilepsy supplements have been found to have a positive impact upon the condition and during this article Sagee is going to discuss a few of the natural supplements that are commonly used.

Natural Seizure Epilepsy Supplements that Can Help to Prevent Seizures

There are several different classifications of epilepsy, which differ according to the type of symptoms that are experienced and the age of the patient. However, regardless of the classification, these natural seizure epilepsy supplements have had a positive effect in some cases.

  • Passionflower – As the name suggests, passionflower is a type of plant and contains a chemical called chrysin, which is known to help reduce anxiety; a known “trigger” of seizures. Some studies have shown passionflower to be as effective at achieving this as a number of prescription medicines.
  • Ketogenic Diet – This is a special type of diet that is often recommended to sufferers of epilepsy, as it helps to cut down sugar levels that can cause the brain to become hyperactive, leading to fits and seizures. The ketogenic diet stops this from happening as it contains very little carbohydrates, which is the source of these excess sugars. The diet also contains a high fat content, which is thought to enable the body to keep better control of neurons, thus lowering the chances of a seizure.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids – In addition to being widely used in brain health supplements, omega-3 fatty acids are one of the top natural seizure epilepsy supplements too and can be found in a wide variety of foods, including nuts, fish and soybean seeds. Studies show omega-3 seizure epilepsy supplements increase the amount of phospholipids in your brain, which can help to maintain proper neurological functioning and lessen the impact of anxiety on your body’s Central Nervous System.

In addition to these natural seizure epilepsy supplements, it’s also vital that sufferers of epilepsy maintain a balanced diet at all times, making sure a sufficient amount of fibre is consumed, in addition to fruits, nuts and dairy products. Frozen “ready meals” should be avoided at all costs as they contain preservatives that can increase the amount of toxins in your body and possibly affect your brain’s activity.

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