squashBesides its cancer fighting effect, squash can also be used to promote weight loss, glucose control and and cholesterol control. It contains among the highest level of vitamin A, plus lots of vitamin C, calcium and fiber. Beyond general healthy eating, there are specific foods that may offer protection against breast cancer. Winter squash is one of these foods is ready for the picking this season. The bright yellow and deep orange colors of winter squash make it evident that they contain a powerful combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which have been shown to have clear potential in the area of cancer prevention and cancer treatment. Also, good news for winter squash… it’s a low fat vegetable and can help with weight control, which puts women at a lower risk for developing breast cancer.
Winter squash varieties include butternut, pumpkin, acorn and spaghetti, just to name a few. The seeds from squash, when lightly toasted, can make a great snack food too. For example, pumpkin seeds have high amounts of essential fatty acids that help in lowering cholesterol.