Some of the Best Natural Brain Health Supplements

brain health supplementsIn order for your brain to be “firing on all cylinders” it has to be supplied with some very specific nutrients otherwise it simply won’t be able to function at optimum capacity. Now, more than ever before, we are constantly being told of the importance of looking after our bodies and ways we can do just that. Gym fanatics run themselves into the ground in order to reduce body fat, build muscle and “look good.” Similarly, many people devote themselves wholly to special diets in order to cut saturated fats out of the food they consume and lower their “BMI” score. Then there’s the endless range of skin lotions that billions of people most probably use on a daily basis. But what about the brain? Even though it’s the most important feature of the human body, the brain often receives very little attention. However, you have to be aware that just as the rest of the body, the brain ages, but there are a number of natural brain health supplements that you can incorporate into your diet to slow down the ageing process and boost your brain’s performance simultaneously, which we are going to outline in this article.

Numerous Studies Have Shown that These Natural Brain Health Supplements Help!

While we would always advise you to seek the advice of your local healthcare professional in Toronto before making any adjustments to your diet, medical studies have demonstrated that the following natural brain health supplements can have a positive effect.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are associated with a wide range of health benefits and are considered to be one of the fatty acids we have to incorporate into our diet if we are to enjoy good health. In addition to helping to lower both triglycerides (high levels of these can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke) and blood pressure, Omega-3 fatty acid brain health supplements are thought to increase cell membrane activity and protect your brain (as well as your eyes) from inflammatory damage. Recent research also seems to suggest that the Omega-3 brain health supplement DHA has a positive impact upon the brains aging process, preventing gradual memory loss.


You’ve probably seen those multi-vitamin supplements in pharmacies and health stores across Toronto and the rest of Canada; but did you know they are most likely beneficial for the health of your brain? There’s evidence to suggest vitamin D (Most vitamin D is actually obtained from exposure to the sun, but it’s also found in lower quantities in several types of fatty fish including herring, mackerel and tuna) ensures proper circulation is maintained to your brain which is essential if it is to function correctly. There are also numerous studies that show that Vitamin E (obtained from many food sources such as cereals, meat, eggs, fruit) can be effective at slowing down the memory loss of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease if the condition is caught early enough. There are also numerous other vitamins that are considered to be important natural brain health supplements.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid (the so-called “building blocks” of protein) that your body produces and research has shown that it is one of the brain health supplements that can have a positive impact upon several different mental disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease and depression, as well as slowing down memory loss that is associated with aging. It’s also often recommended to individuals that are suffering from poor blood circulation to the brain.
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