Virility For man


Major benefit:

Testosterone booster

Libido booster for men strength

enhancement of sex Drive endurance

Supports enhanced sexual capacity ad performance

Benficial for the prostate

anti-aging, fights fatigue

This is a pure herbal supplement for male virility.  Tongkat Ali defers andropause, promotes natural testosterone level, which may enhance male virility and sexual prowess. It is processed with Siberian Ginseng, Dodder, and Rosa Laevigata to intensify the effect to boost penile blood flow, enlarge penile spongiosum, promote a healthy prostate, maximize sexual potency, hence to revive youthfulness and vigor.

Initial response may include headache and musculo-skeletal pain. This is norma and beneficial response, the aches indicate the QI energy and circulation as being restored from a stagnant state to a healthy flow. These effects will dissipate after having taken 5 capsules.

Dosage:  Take one capsule a day before going to bed for frist three consecutive days, adjust te dosage according to body’s reaction. For maintenance of good health, take 1 capsule within 2-3 days.

Not for man with cardiovascular disease.